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Cash Credit Loans to Societies

  1. Financial accommodation to affiliated Cooperatives for working capital requirements will be given under the broad head ‘Cash Credit Loans’. Under this system the society has to make frequent withdrawals from as well as repayments into the accounts to suit the continuous nature of its financial transactions thus facilitating the most economical use of the accommodations during a fixed period.
  2. Cash Credit Loans for the following purposes will be issued to the affiliated societies

    i. To all Cooperatives Societies for dealing in consumer articles or any other general business (CCL.B).
    ii. To credit or marketing societies for issue of loans against the pledge or hypothecation of agricultural produce and marketing of produce belonging to members (CCL.C).
    iii. To credit or Marketing Societies for dealing in agricultural production requisites such as fertilizers, manures, pesticides, agricultural implements, seeds etc. (CCL.M).
    iv. To Weaver’s Coop. Societies for purchase of raw materials, payment of wages etc. (CCL.W).
    v. To Societies against the Term Deposit with the Bank (CCL.A).
    vi. To credit societies for issue of consumption finance to weaker sections (CCL.CF).
    vii. To credit societies for issue of jewel loans to their members (CCLJ).
    viii. To Employees’ Cooperative Credit Societies (CCL-N).
    ix. To Primary Agricultural Co-operative Socities (PACS) for issue of  Vehicle      loans to their members(CCL V). 
    x.To Primary Agricultural Co-operative Socities (PACS) for issue of Housing loans to     their memnbers (CCL H).

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