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Terms and Conditions

  • ATM Account: ATM Card may be issued against a satisfactorily conducted savings and /or current account and /or any other type of account so designated by the Bank to be eligible account(s) for operations through the use ATM Card. Such account(s) shall be referred to as ATM Account(s). The card holder shall give his/her preference of such account(s) held by him in writing in the application form for issue of ATM Card. A Minor's account or an account in which a minor is a joint account holder, is not eligible to be an ATM-account. There may be more than one such account in which case one account shall be designated as "Primary Account" and the others as "Secondary Account 1" and "Secondary Account-2 " at the option of the Card holder.
  • ATM Card: ATM Card shall be issued to an approved account holder in respect of his ATM account to enable him to operate the ATM. The Card holder should get the card validated and select the Personal Identification Number (PIN) on the machine installed for that purpose, at the Branch issuring the ATM Card. The validity of the card is for one year from the date of issue. A fresh card will be issued on surrendering the existing card on paying the specified fees for the same.
  • ATM – Facilities:The facilities offered under ATM facility shall be withdrawal of cash by the Card holder for his ATM-account with a minimum of Rs.100/- and in multiple there up to a stipulated amount limit only during a cycle of 24 hours, deposit of cash and cheques in the ATM-account, enquiry about the balance in the ATM account(s), requisition for a statement of account, request for issue of cheque-books, request for transfer of amount from the Primary Account to the Secondary Account(s) or vice-versa and such other facilities as the Bank may decide to provide, from time to time.
  • Minimum Balance in Primary Account: The Card holder shall maintain, at all times minimum balance in his account as per the rules prevailing in the Bank to such account with cheque facility and the Bank may at its discretion levy such penal or service charges as per the Bank's rules from time to time, or withdraw the ATM facility, it at any time the amount of deposit falls short of the required minimum as aforesaid, without giving any further notice to the card holder(s) and /or without incurring any liability or responsibility whatsoever by reason of such withdrawal. For the present, the minimum balance will be asper Banks SB rules and withdrawals will be in multiples of Rs.100/-.
  • Fees: All fees related to the ATM facility as determined by the Bank from time to time may be recovered by debiting the Card holder's Primary Account. In case of insufficient balance in the aforesaid account, any of the Secondary Accounts as may have sufficient balance, may be debited, Presently Rs. 75/-per annum will be charged as service charge.
  • Bank's Lien: The Bank shall have the right of set-off and lien, irrespective of any other lien or charge, present as well as future on the deposits held in the Card holder's Primary Account and/or, Secondary Account(s) or in any other account, whether in single name or joint name(s), to the extent of all outstanding dues, whatsoever, arising as a result of the ATM card services extended to and / or used by the Card holder.
  • Multiple Cards: In case of joint account(s) (Either or Survivor) where more that one person has been issued ATM Card, all the Card-holders put together, shall withdraw only upto the permissible limit allowed to single card account(s) within the cycle time 24hours. Additional fees for the issue multiple cards shall be debited to any of the designated ATM Account(s) of the Card holder.
  • Joint account: In case of joint accounts where only one card is issued to a joint account holder, the other joint account holder(s) shall expressly agree with and give his/her consent on the application form for issue of ATM Card. In case any of the joint account holder(s) gives "stop payment stop transactions" instructions in respect of operations through the use of ATM Card, on any of the ATM accounts held jointly by them, no operations will be allowed on such ATM account(s) through the use of ATM Card. The "stop payment stop transactions" institution can be given only in respect of such ATM accounts in which he/she is a joint account holder.
  • Non-Transferability: ATM Card is not transferable under any circumstance and shall be used only by the Card holder.
  • Personal Identification number: Each Card holder shall select his or her own " Personal Identification Number" (PIN) to gain access to the ATM services. The PIN shall under no circumstances be revealed to any third partly. The card holder shall be solely responsible for the consequences arising out of the desclosure of his PIN and/or unauthorized use of ATM card and shall be liable for any increased liability which he may incur on account of unauthorized use of the PIN and ATM Card.

    If the card holder forgets the PIN, he/she can change the PIN at the machine provided for that purpose, at the branch issuing ATM Card. The selection of a new Personal Identification Number and /or the replacement of ATM Card shall not be construed as the commencement of a new contract.
  • Funds in the ATM-accounts: The card holder should not use or attempt to use ATM Card without sufficient funds in the ATM account he wants to operate through the card.
  • Loss/Threft of Cards:The card holder shall be responsible for the safe custody to ATM Card. In case of loss or theft of the ATM the card holder shall advice any or our Branches, preferably the ATM card issuing Branch as promptly as possible in writing, of the loss of ATM Card, howsoever occurring. The Card holder shall however be responsible and liable for all transactions effected by the user of the Card until it is confiscated/cancelled. The cards damaged due to improper handling will not be accepted by the ATM and requires replacement with a fresh one. New ATM card will be issued to the card holder in lieu of lost/stolen/improperly used and damaged card, upon request in writing and payment of issue fee.
  • Authority to debit the ATM account:The Card holder along with the joint account holder (s, if any, shall authorize the Bank to debit the ATM account(s) with the amount of the withdrawals, or transfers effected by the use of ATM Card, as per the Bank's records. The Bank's record for transactions processed by the ATM machine shall be conclusive and binding for all purposes. All transactions arising from the use of ATM Card to operate a joint account, shall be binding on all the joint account holders, jointly and severally.
  • Deposits: The amount of cash/cheque deposits shall be verified by two members of Bank's staff, one of whom will be an officer. The amount verified by the Bank shall be deemed to be correct amount deposited by the Card holder. The statement issued by the ATM at the time of deposit only represents what the Card holder purports to have deposited and will not be binding on the Bank. If there are soiled, mutilated notes in such deposits, the acceptance of such deposits shall be subject to final acceptance and reimbursement by RBI as per the Note Refund Rules. Cheques will be accepted for collection only and the proceeds will not be available until they have been cleared. Deposits of foreign currency cash/cheques or any other deposits which are unacceptable, shall be returned, at the Card holders cost, risk and responsibility.
  • Responsibility for all transactions processed through the ATMs: Operations through the ATM facility on the Card holders ATM account(s) can only be through the use of ATM Card on the machine. The Card holder shall in all circumstances, accepted full responsibility for all transactions processed by the use of his/her ATM Card, whether or not processed with the Card holder's knowledge or authority, express or implied. The printed output that is produced at the time of operation of the ATMs are a record o the operation of the ATMs and shall not be constructed as the Bank's records. The Bank's records of transactions shall be accepted as conclusive and binding for all purposes.
  • Closure of ATM-account(s): If the Card holder desires to close his ATM account(s) or withdraw any ATM card liked deposit, or even otherwise decides to terminate the use of the ATM card facility, he shall give a written notice of atleast two days and surrender the ATM Card to the Bank. The card holder shall also pay dues, if any, payable to the Bank in connection with ATM facility.
  • Change of terms and conditions: The Bank has the absolute discretion to withdraw ATM Card, the service thereby provided, or amend or supplement any of the above terms and conditions at any time without prior notice of atleast two days and surrender the ATM Card to the Bank. The Card holder shall also pay dues, if any, payable to the Bank in connection with ATM facility.
  • Honouring the Card: The Bank shall in no circumstances be held liable to the Card holder if ATM Card is not honoured in the desired manner for whatsoever reason, or if the ATM is destroyed or not functioning due to power failure, temporary insufficiency of cash in the ATM or any other reason. The Bank will not be liable for any consequential or indirect loss or damage arising therefrom.
  • Ownership of ATM Card: ATM Card hall be the property of the Bank and will be surrendered to the Bank on request or in the event o f the Card holder no longer requiring the service. The Bank reserved the right to disclose, in strict confidence, to other institutions, such information concerning the Card holder's account as may be necessary or appropriate in connection with its participation in any ATM or Electronic Fund Transfer Network.
  • Renewal: Automatic renewal will be allowed after debiting the expenses unless there is a specific order for termination.